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Are DOGO products vegan?

All shoes and bags are made of high-quality artificial leather which is 100% vegan. In addition, all materials and adhesives are used in the production process are vegan-friendly.


How can I access DOGO products? 

You may always access DOGO products via dogostore.com.

For our stores in Turkey and abroad please click.


Do I have to become a member to place an order?

No, you can place an order as a guest on dogostore.com. 


How can I become a member?

You must have a valid e-mail address to create a membership. Also you can become a member automatically via your Facebook account. Please click “BECOME MEMBER” link on the main page. You will become a member and start shopping.

By being a member, you will have advantages of shopping with special discounted prices. You'll be informed about new released products and campaigns earlier than everyone.

How can I benefit from the Dogostore.com new membership discount?
New members gain € 15 discount automatically for their purchases over € 150. This discount only valid for first purchase and discount will be based on the subtotal of the cart. New membership discount won’t apply if customer is benefiting from another campaign/discount.
* New membership discount cannot be combined with another campaign/discount.


Can I benefit from another campaign/discount for outlet products of Dogostore.com?

Dogostore.com campaigns and new membership discount is not valid for outlet products. If you have outlet products in your cart, your discount will be applied to the subtotal of products which does not belong to outlet category.

Can I combine more than one discount campaigns in a single purchase?

Two discount campaigns cannot be combined in a single purchase. Our system applies the most advantageous discount for your purchase based on the subtotal. Dogostore.com reserves the right to make changes in campaigns and discounts.

What about the privacy of information given during membership process?

DOGO guarantees to not to share the information with third parties. To be sure, please kindly read Privacy Policy.


I forgot my password, what should I do?

When you click “FORGOT PASSWORD” link, a text box will appear. Please enter your e-mail address which you used during creating your account will be enough.

After this process, your password will be sent to your e-mail address which is recorded in our system. After automatic password transfer operation, it is recommended to change your password.

Unfortunately, you cannot reset your password by calling us by phone because your whole information is encrypted with high-level security in our system. Getting your password is only possible when our system sends you a new password.


How can I edit my account information?

Whenever you want, you can change your membership information, your password or add a new address. In order to edit, you need to log in. After you log in to our site, you can make any changes by clicking “MY ACCOUNT” which is on the homepage.


How can I use the registration discount of Dogostore.com?

€15 discount can only be used for the first order over €150 after your registration. Our discount will be applied to your order’s subtotal. The registration discount is invalid during the campaign periods.


Can I use both discounts at the same time in my order?

Unless otherwise specified, you can only use one discount at one time.


What is the billing address?

Regarding shopping in dogostore.com, the person/institution that is supposed to be invoiced and address information is saved in this part. If you wish, you can edit the recorded addresses whenever you want.

As there will be no chance to change the billing address information after invoice the operation, don’t confirm any order unless you make sure about billing information.


What is the delivery address?

You can save the addresses that you want your orders to be delivered to this part. You can save 5 different addresses (e.g. home, work, etc.) in your account and during shopping, you can select any of them.

Your order will be sent to the delivery address you’ve entered for that specific shopping.

Please be careful: The most common reason for late delivery is the insufficient address information. Please fill the delivery address information completely.

How can I make my payment?
You can make your payment by using VISA, MASTER or AMEX credit cards or by choosing one of the payment options like PAYPAL, IDEAL, GIROPAY, SOFORT, MYBANK, EPS, QIWI, UNIONPAY if available in your country. 

How can I make sure that my order reaches to you?

You will be receiving from us a confirmation e-mail about your order. 


How can I cancel my order?

Please send to info@dogostore.com a cancellation e-mail including the date and the reason for your cancellation. Your order will be canceled.

What is important, you should place the cancellation e-mail before its shipment process starts.

If your order was shipped, you may still return the products -without opening the package-. But in this case, the return delivery cost belongs to the customer. Please get assistance by info@dogostore.com for delivery costs.


How can I follow my order?

In every step of your order (order confirmation, payment confirmation, and shipment confirmation), an e-mail will be sent to you. Furthermore, you can get information about your orders and you can see which step your order is in by “MY ORDER”.


If I have a problem with the order process to where should I refer? 

In a case when you deal with a problem during your order please send an e-mail defining your problem to the info@dogostore.com or call us at +90 (232) 431 05 30 – 431 05 31.


If my product ordered by dogostore.com is wrong or missing, what should I do?

If you realize that the product that you receive is wrong or missing, please let us know by an e-mail sent to info@dogostore.com  or call us at +90 (232) 431 05 30 / 431 05 31.


How can I clean my products?

The synthetic leather used in our shoes is printed with solvent-free painting. To make print stay it is used only slightly damp, soft cloth to clean the shoes. Any chemicals or liquid containing chemicals should not be used.

How can I contact you?


10014 Sokak No:1 A.O.S.B. PK 35620 Çiğli / İZMİR

Via e-mail info@dogostore.com. We will get back to you within 48 hours. 

By phone +90 (0850) 277 36 46 and +90 (0232) 431 05 31


I would like to join DOGO Team. How can I send my resume? 

We are glad that you want to join us! Just visit our career page to get an idea about our departments and send your updated CV to cv@dogostore.com.  We will be informing you after the evaluation redagding our needs.  


I'd like to open a DOGO shop, what should I do?  

Thank you for your interest! Please fulfill “the franchise application form” in franchising page on our website and send us. Our franchising team will be at your disposal.


How can I earn points in Dogostore.com? How can I use my points?

Please click here to learn how you can earn points and use them.


What is the Wishlist? How can I use it?

You can add the products you like on our website to the wish list by clicking on the heart icon on the product.

You can purchase the products you add to your request list later via your request list.  Also, the products in your list can also be a gift to you by your friends. To share your list with your friends, you only need to send the URL in the list.


I sent an e-mail about I didn’t want to receive campaign emails. When will I be removed from the mailing list?

 You will be removed from our mailing list if you have passed and approved your request. Dogostore newsletter mailings will not be sent again.


I sent an e-mail about I didn’t want to receive campaign emails. How can I subscribe to the mailing list again?

To subscribe to an e-newsletter subscription, please click on the button on the left of "I want Newsletter” on the "My Account> Personal Settings" page and click on the "Save" button or send an e-mail to info@dogostore.com writing that "I want to subscribe to your e-newsletters." Your subscription will be renewed within 3 business days.